Finn on The Fly {dvd review}

Movie description:

“The kids’ classic THE SHAGGY DOG gets an inspired reverse treatment in this tale of a border collie that gets a taste of the two-legged lifestyle. Not long after shy, 13-year-old Ben (Matthew Knight) moves to a new city and befriends a particularly intelligent dog named Finn, the lovable pooch finds himself in the basement of resident mad scientist Dr. Madeline Madsen (Ana Gasteyer). Finn laps up a strange potion and poof–he emerges in the body of a sprightly young man (comedian Ryan Belleville), one who chases squirrels and drinks from the toilet! The whole family will enjoy this fun and original canine adventure.”

My Thoughts…

Finn on The Fly is   a movie aimed toward kids ages eight and up that was created to potray a message of kindness and teamwork. I expected it to be like something you’d catch on during a Saturday afternoon and I was clearly right. This movie is silly from the get go, full of lots of jokes and crazy situations. Parents be warned that there are some jokes/situations like a cavity search and dog fart jokes of which are slightly inappropriate for children, so if you want to screen this movie ahead of time, feel free.

I did feel like the movie was a little bit all over the place at times. It wasn’t one of my favorites though maybe if I was a tween boy, I’d think a little differently. I give this movie 2 1/2 stars out of 5.

**Thanks to my friends at E1 Entertainment for this opportunity!**