eat the cookie … buy the shoes: Giving Yourself Permission To Lighten Up {review & giveaway}

Eat the Cookie…Buy the Shoes: Giving Yourself Permission to Lighten Up by Joyce Meyer
Category: RELIGION
Publish Date: 4/13/2010
Price: $19.99/$24.99
ISBN: 9780446538640
Pages: 208

About the Book

Engrained in our culture is the belief that unbending discipline is the only sure way to success. You must go to the gym five times a week, never order the dessert, and don’t even think about buying that dress you keep staring at in the store window. Breaking from such a regimented lifestyle is a sign of weakness, right? Wrong!-and Joyce wants to tell us why…

Though setting rules in our lives are important, it’s just as important that we break them from time-to-time. Structure is a powerful tool, but when diverging from your own goals is seen as catastrophic, it can have a hugely negative effect on us. Balance is a core value in life and every once in awhile we deserve to indulge in a guilty pleasure or two. So don’t feel bad about straying from your goals every once-in-awhile and in fact, embrace it: eat the cookie and buy the shoes!

My Thoughts

This is a great book with many examples that teach and encourage it’s readers to lighten up a little bit! How often do we let ourselves get down, stressed and overworked in our day to day life without stopping to smell the roses? Too often, if you ask me.

We get so set on the goal on the end results that we lose ourselves in the middle forgetting that God made things for us in our lives for us to enjoy whether it be a cookie or a new pair shoes.  And we shouldn’t feel bad about it and I know I am even guilty of this feeling like I don’t deserve a little pleasure here and there.

Why should we get so stressed out and only take time away for ourselves on a vacation just once year? We shouldn’t let ourselves get so burned out and exhausted! Joyce Meyer does a great job in reminding us to rejoice in all that God has given us.  So I encourage you to pick up this book, grab a coffee,  spend a little time alone with God and be encouraged by the words of truth found in this title!

Win it!

To enter, leave a comment telling us something that you would like to indulge in that you feel guilty about doing.(If this is a personal question that you wish to not answer, just leave a comment about her book.) I’ll pick either 3-5 winners depending how many people sign up!


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Disclaimer: Thanks to Hachette Book Group for sponsoring a giveaway and permitting me to review a free copy of Joyce Meyer’s latest book “eat the cookie … buy the shoes: Giving Yourself Permission To Lighten Up”.