Tip Toe Through the Tulips

I could not have asked for a better weekend to visit the Tulip fields. Sure there were clouds in the sky but as we walked about, beams of sunshine shone brightly down, keeping us warm and making for some great photos. This was my third trip to the Tulip field. The first time I had been was in 2007, I didn’t make it in 2008 because I was eight months pregnant and didn’t want to risk getting out in all that mud. We took our daughter Melody when she was 11 months old in 2009 and our recent trip she just turned 22 months old.  I posted a few more pictures over at my daughter’s blog that were taken this weekend. If you’d like to see those, you can follow this link. If you visit Oregon or already live here, I highly recommend visiting the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm, it’s truly beautiful, even if it does get a little muddy!

We are several weeks away from my daughter’s second birthday! And though it’s weeks away, I’m already planning on the dates and what sort of cake and meal I plan to make to celebrate her special day. I’m almost 100% sure that I’m going to make sushi for her meal. She loves sushi and it’s one thing she’ll never say no too! As for the cake, I am thinking of going homemade this year and pulling together a white frosted round double layered chocolate cake decorated with regular sized and mini sized m & m’s with a number two candle in the middle to top it off! Fun times 🙂 And she’s going to be having three celebrations… one for family, one for friends, and the other just mommy, daddy, and Melody as we figured it would be easier this way for everyone’s schedules and plans. Parties are fun, and if planned ahead of time whether big or little the stress that commonly comes with party planning won’t even exist.

As with the lovely warmer weather that we’ve finally been having comes the spring allergies.  Tree pollen is pretty high right now and I’ve been fighting it off. Allergies for me always seem the worst in the morning and the evening for me. The husband and I are talking about possibly getting one of those air purifiers to see if those will help. I’m already taking other precautions like if we’ve been outside to change clothes indoors, wash the bedding weekly, and keeping the windows closed.

A lot has been going on lately and many prayers have and will continually be delivered to God from my lips. Often through the day I find myself in tears for the certain situations that have come to pass and can see coming to pass in the world today not just in my own personal life but in those I may never meet. While having my daily quiet time today, I turned to the 91st Psalm in which turns us to understand and believe the truth that God Is Bigger than us.  This is a Psalm to turn to whether you be struggling, have hurts, or you know someone that may be in a situation in their life. How good it is to know that the battle IS the Lords and we who have said yes to His call are under His protection. Does knowing that just make you want to shout Amen because it should!

This Sunday the Pastor mentioned that the storms of life reveal who we really are as people. And in these times we should not be defeated but we should grow strong in the Lord. These are times that test us, mold us, and make us who God created us to be.  How does that song I listened to growing up go…. We are pressed but not crushed, persecuted not abandoned, struck down but not destroyed, we are blessed beyond the curse for His Promise will endure that his Joy is going to be my strength. It may be hard to see that light in the darkness but it’s there. How Great is Our God and His love for us!