The Twilight Gospel by Dave Roberts {book review}

I was chosen to be part of the LitFuse Blog Tour for The Twilight Gospel by Dave Roberts

About the book: The blockbuster Twilight Saga is being read by teenager and adult alike. These powerful novels are gaining even more popularity as the movies hit theaters. But what should a Christian response be? And is there a helpful way to approach a teenager or young adult captivated with the books without alienating her?

Dave Roberts read The Twilight Saga and while he appreciated the literary qualities, there werealso parts that troubled him. As he considered the books as a whole and spoke to teenagers who read them, he saw the need for a resource. In The Twilight Gospel Dave brings to bear a Biblical lens showing that while there are important moral and spiritual lessons to be learned, there is also a promotion of a non-Christian worldview. He addresses such topics as the cult of beauty, the appeal of the self-disciplined vampire Edward, life after death, the use of myths and legends, sexuality, personal spiritual power, and the lure of materialism.

Crisply written and with a gracious spirit, The Twilight Gospel will help teens, their parents, and their pastors discern what is good from what is unhealthy in the novels and equip them to be biblically literate readers. Read an excerpt here.

About the author: Dave Roberts is a professional journalist, editor and speaker. For more information please visit his website at

My Thoughts…

Having read all the Twilight books, I was interested in reading The Twilight Gospel. I’ve had many people ask me my thoughts on the book and there’s just not one right answer. I praise author Dave Roberts for covering all four books and offering this resource for the curious mind or the parents of teens exactly what they’ll find in this book and whether they should be worried or not about it from a christian perspective.  I like how certain topics such as self image, consumerism, and lust among others are brought to light.

The author states that Meyers is asking her readers to look more closely at their own lives, their religion and their spirituality but in order to do this you should come at the series with a questioning mind and discerning heart and I couldn’t agree more. I think this book would also be fantastic to discuss with your teen because in one way or another every person drawn to this series is comparing and relating to a character in more ways than one, I guarantee it.

This book was a fast read for myself, either a day or definite weekend read for most. I give this book 4/5 stars.

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