The Drop Stop {review}

I recently learned about a product called The Drop Stop. This product is basically a seat wedge that you put in-between the seat in your car or truck to prevent losing your items down the crack such as pens, bracelets, phones, make-up, lip balm, bottle caps, you name it. I know I’ve personally misplaced several items in my husbands car that had been missing for quite sometime and I know if I had this great product, my dilemma of misplacing important items could have been prevented all together.

If you check out the Drop Stop website, you’ll find some very informative videos that discuss the purpose and even show you have to install The Drop Stop! Oh another thing is that this product is all a one size fits all, so no worries about it not fitting in your own car! I found it pretty neat that a lot of people that had this seat wedge installed didn’t even know it was there and with that being said, it’s not an eye sore in the least bit! The Drpo Stop is a very simple and quite convenient product that no car or truck owner should be without.

Right now you can purchase a Set of 2 Drop StopsĀ® for only $19.95 plus $7.95 shipping and handling, and also you will receive some bonus items such as a Slide-Free Pad and LED Credit Card Light for FREE!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of BuyTopTen. All opinions are 100% mine.