Goodbye Kitty

We had our kitty Miska for about three months and sadly due to my allergies, we had to let her go. I didn’t want to give her away, I would have loved for her to stay with our family forever but I was becoming miserable when waking in the morning and throughout the day. I had symptoms in the beginning but I thought they were due to the mold in our other apartment, as well as with the neighbors cigarette going through the vent, and normal seasonal allergies.

Having given her away two days ago, I’ve felt so much better. I feel like I  can breathe again and talk without constantly clearing my throat first. I felt like since we had her that I had a constant never ending cold and finally realized what it was. I was in denial but I knew finding her another home was for the better for our family. She was a really sweet cat, she’s going to make someone very happy.

This week has been a little rough for our daughter Melody. She was pretty sad for a few days, constantly asking where kitty went but today she hasn’t asked at all. I guess maybe she finally understands that kitty went to live with another family. It was pretty heartbreaking to see her so sad and the mommy guilt was not helping me feel better about the whole ordeal. I bought her “Mittens” the kitty from the Disney movie Bolt and she’s been playing with her and taking her everywhere with her. I consider the cat toy to be a good replacement.

I do have a few more giveaways and reviews for pets that I’ll be posting on my blog soon. These include Earth Bath,Simple Green Pet stain and odor remover, and The Litter Robot. All products which I’m a total fan of and think pet lovers and owners will like too.

I’d be Curious to know…

How about you, Have you ever had to let go or lose a pet and how did you handle it with your kids?