Easter Weekend Recap

On Good Friday, my daughter Melody had to go in for lab work. She was due getting her blood drawn to see how she is doing with the latest medication dose she was given to level her thyroid out. It’s now Monday and I’ll have to give her endo a call soon because I have not heard back on those blood results.  What was a blessing today was instead of a having a slightly traumatic blood draw that always ended in tears, my daughter instead didn’t cry out all. She’s a real trooper for a 22 month old. She instead watched the nurse draw her blood and kept saying blood is red. She listens to everything I say and was repeating what I told her before we left the house. I explain every situation that we are to encounter to her and she gets it. She listens, she’s so sharp! After the blood draw Melody kept calling her band aid a bunny sticker. Note that that the band-aid had bugs bunny on it. It was so cute.  I also was reminded of God’s love and care for us as we went to the car. The sun had come out and a huge rainbow had filled the sky.

On Saturday my best friend and I did something not planned and a little crazy. What is it you ask? We went shopping the day before Easter. No this might not have been as crazy as black Friday but it was still pretty busy out. We had fun hitting up the local Dollar Store and Fred Meyer store picking up last minute Easter surprises for our girls. It was so much fun and extremely needed as we both needed to get out and do something, as I just got done moving and my friend is going into getting relocated within the next few days.

Sunday really wore me out. I had been up since five am in the morning! I did however get to spend some personal time with God before everyone else woke up and the sunrise when rain was predicted made it that much more special.  We are early morning church goers and my husband was doing guest care so we were at church by 8am. Melody had fun walking about with my until I could check her into children’s church. We explored the hallways and greeted everyone we met with a “Hi” and a “Happy Easter”.  The service at church was excellent so much that I’m going to be listening to the sermon again this week.

After church, we visited my in-laws, had lunch, played games, and then headed home to have our own little Easter celebration. My husband and I hid eggs around the house and Melody had so much fun finding them. She was giggling and she caught on really fast that she could easily keep all the eggs with her if she put them in her bolga basket. I posted a few pictures on her blog that you can see if you click here.

I also made my very first coconut cake for Easter and let me say it’s super delicious! I’m going to post the recipe on my recipe blog very soon.  Don’t worry all you coconut lovers, I’ll let you know about it here too!