Debbie and Friends – More Story Songs & Sing Alongs {kids music review}

About the Album…

What’s more fun than the award-winning Story Songs & Sing Alongs by Debbie and Friends? More Story Songs & Sing Alongs, of course! This new CD featuring 10 kid-tested tunes by one of America’s favorite new indie kids’ artists will get everyone in the family playing and dancing along. More Story Songs & Sing Alongs will be available nationally on March 30th from NewSound Kids and other retailers.

The latest release from the Boston based artist who is a college dean by day and a high-energy pop star most weekends, More Story Songs & Sing Alongs features familiar themes like and “I Think I Can” (based on the classic story The Little Engine That Could), “Simon Says” and “Little Red.” Kids will also delight in the goofy wordplay of tunes like “Rosie Wrong Rhyme” and enjoy the success of “Home Run Ronnie.” “Wendell” is a cumulative movement song that will get kids up and on their feet. Sesame Street’s legendary music teacher Bob McGrath, joins Debbie for the sweet good-bye song “Until Next Time.”

The fresh and crisp sound of More Story Songs & Sing Alongs comes from Debbie Cavalier’s deep understanding of what works with kids. Shari Lewis, Buffalo Bob Smith of Howdy Doody and Bob McGrath. Each of these trailblazers influenced her songwriting and creative approach to sharing music with children. After working in the field of music publishing and education for more than two decades, Debbie wanted to get back to working directly with children.

My Thoughts…

I immediately was excited about Debbie and Friends – More Story Songs & Sing Alongs the moment I heard about the album and was not disappointed. My nearly two year old daughter loves this cd! Why? This cd has lots of fun songs that are sweet and upbeat. On this album you’ll find fun twist on classic kids’ songs that are extremely refreshing as well as some great sing-a-long story songs from everything to baseball to a little boy who would rather make silly faces than smile when his photo is taken!

I will pop this cd in during my daughter’s play time after lunch and she will dance around and sing along to the songs. Or at least try to sing along, it’s pretty cute! Her favorite song is definitely “So So Happy”, which encourages a lot of interaction with it’s listeners. A few of the lines are as follows;

  • So happy jump around;
  • So happy make a sound;
  • So happy clap your hands;
  • So happy come on let’s dance!

This CD isn’t too rocky, like I said before it’s sweet and upbeat. I guarantee you won’t have a room full of rowdy kids while it’s playing. This mom loves it and I’m sure most other mom’s will like it too! I give it 4/5 stars!

Get Connected…

You can learn more about this album as well as other  information at
I personally loved how interactive this website it! You can watch fun music videos featuring favorites from the album, print coloring sheets for your kids, and much more!

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