chicboom Speaker iPod Case – by RockBuds {review}

Little Speaker, Big Sound..chicboom Speaker iPod Case

I’m quite the music fan but as of lately, I haven’t been listening to it quite as much as I would like to. Usually my husband is playing a game or my daughter is watching her favorite movie and my music would easily drown it out. I like to listen to music while I am working and note that I do work from home. I would listen to music on my laptop but I have some odd issues with my usb headphones. I’d been looking for an ipod dock for awhile but wasn’t ready to spend big bucks on it and I wasn’t entirely sure where to start with all the different features included.

I came across The chicboom Speaker iPod Case by Rock Buds and little did I know that this was the answer to my music and audio listening dilemma. This device is basically a portable case with two fantastic features! Number one, it stores and protects my ipod and number two,  it allows me to share my music with friends and listen out loud wherever I may be. This is particularly useful when I am cooking and cleaning in my kitchen and need some tunes to keep me going!

“The chicboom Speaker iPod Case oubles as an iPod case and a speaker – all in one. And what’s even better…the speaker is invisible, protected behind the streamlined material of the zip up case. “

I will mention if you have an older type of ipod such as the wider ones, it won’t fit as easy. The chicboom Speaker iPod Case works better with the slim line nanos and other small mp3 players.

The sound on this device sounds great and all for the affordable price of $25.00! It’s a real steal and comes in some pretty cute designs too. Tiny enough to take anywhere and fits perfectly in my purse no problem! This would make a great gift for moms, dads, and teenager alike!

**Disclaimer: I was given a sample to review from for my 100% honest opinion. This review has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.**