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So Long, Insecurity
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Perhaps one of the biggest issues all women face is their own insecurity. Beth Moore, one of today’s most admired and trusted Christian writers, wants women to be free from the insecurity trap.

So Long, Insecurity will strike a chord with women everywhere, as Beth speaks truth into the lives of readers, showing them how to deal with their innermost fears, rediscover their God-given dignity, and develop a whole new perspective—a stronger sense of self. Women of all ages and backgrounds will resonate with this message of security and discover truths that will free them emotionally and spiritually and lead them to a better life as they walk with God.

My Thoughts…

So Long, Insecurity is the first Beth Moore book that I’ve read, believe it or not. I know many church groups study from her books but I never had the opportunity to jump into one of those.

I must say I like how this book is laid out, there are eighteen chapters in total. Each of the chapters tackle a different area where most if not all of us struggle to gain security in. In fact the first 7 chapters talk about instability in the home, significant loss, rejection, life change events such as a move, contemporary culture, and pride/perfectionism. The second half of this book talks about what we as woman can do about our issues by  finding our security in God Almighty.

I found the personal stories in each chapter close to my own heart and I truly  gained much knowledge from the scriptures she included.  I felt as if Beth was sitting in the same room having a heart to heart talk with me. I love conversational writing style and am truly glad God led her to write His truths out for his daughters!

I am  glad to have read this book by Beth on my own and quite willing to share my thoughts and possibly study it again with those that I know! I give this book 5 stars.

Disclaimer: Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for review.