Spring as well as other Changes are well on the way…

Lately, the weather here in Oregon has been nothing to complain about . We are having beautiful spring time weather that I am sure many people are wishing was coming their way. My family which resides in Georgia, have been getting pretty chilly weather which includes snow. Yes, snow in Georgia in March… I could hardly believe it myself.

2010 and already three months in,  it’s hard to believe I know.  In just a couple of months, my daughter Melody will be two years old. I no longer call her a baby because she is far from it. She’s a very smart independent little girl, a beam of sunshine to all that she knows. People tell you these years pass by ever so quickly and now I totally know what they meant by it, because it does.

Don’t sweat the little things and even the big ones, each day is a blessing in one way or another and it’s good for us to be reminded through it all that nothing is ever more than we can bear because we have God bigger and greater than all of our issues. A Bible verse that I commonly go back to and have hidden in my heart is 1 Peter 5:7 which reads ” Let the Lord have all your worries and cares, for He is always thinking about you and watches everything that concerns you”.

In just two weeks time, my family and I are relocating from a third story apartment into a duplex. I look forward to this next step in our journey. I know a huge stress will be lifted from me as I don’t have to worry about many issues that I’ve encountered living in an apartment. Another plus is that our new place is minutes from a park and librarythat my daughter and I can walk to daily if we so choose. I would’ve loved to rent a place with a yard but was willing to not be very picky.  I was ready to get out of our current place in a very short amount of time because it’s been making me sick due to our new neighbors smoking. At our new place we won’t have to worry about smoking because there’s no smoking, which was my biggest concern.

What else does our new place have to offer? (other than the Starbucks literally a skip away?) Well, I’ll have a much bigger kitchen, a dining area that doesn’t have carpet (w00t!), a larger living room with a wood burning fire place, two deck/patios,  a huge garage that I’m planning to set up into a nice storage/workshop, 2 bedroom, and a bath. So, we did have to purchase our own washer and dryer, thankfully we have a nice sized tax refund back to contribute. We actually went washer and dryer shopping today and found exactly what we were looking for.  I’ll blog more about my thoughts on them and experience later on!

I’ve still got a bit of packing to do. I had to slow down because I’ve been having some major sinus and possibly stress related headaches. Prayer are appreciated there. I did manage to pull something while moving boxes and I am sure that didn’t help either. It goes to show me how out of shape I am and how I should make it a must to find time to work out and stretch each and every day.

I’ll write more later but just wanted to post a little update 🙂