Moving In…

This by far is the cleanest my daughter's room will ever be...

It’s been a week and a day from this date since we relocated into our new home.  Things never do go as you plan for them to but with that being said over all this move wasn’t too bad.  We had many friends and family members contribute to moving things, cooking meals, and even in the help of cleaning our old apartment.

Most of the place is currently unpacked! I’ve moved over twenty times in my life so I’m sure I unpack a lot quicker than most. The only thing that slowed me down was that after being here for two days, I came down with a cold that my daughter caught two days after and my husband came down with it yesterday.  The cold is still lingering in my system but I’m sure it’ll be gone soon since I’ve been able to rest and relax a bit more the last few days.

Yesterday my husband and I went over to our old apartment to finish cleaning it. We had a group of friends help clean last Tuesday ( I wasn’t able to make that since I was pretty sick) and we finished yesterday with painting and using my mini bissell carpet cleaner.  I hate apartments. I’m just going to go ahead a say it. We are slightly concerned we are going to get charged an arm and a leg for the carpet, etc. I know our last apartment before that charged us a lot even though we cleaned the place really well. Well, this time I took lots and lots of pictures so I can have them as evidence if there’s some absurd charge. Nerves were raised when we were in their office yesterday and somebody was yelling at them saying they cleaned their place all day, apparently they weren’t to happy about their charges either. My husband is walking through the place tomorrow with the manager so please be praying we don’t get ripped off.

How’s my house looking? It’s look well! Anything missing? Of course! haha… I’m sure some items I can’t find have been packed in a random box somewhere out in the garage. Missing things goes with moving hand and hand…no matter how hard you try to keep it organized.

How’s the new place? I like it a lot. It’s a wee bit chillier than the last place and it’s also a bit dryer. I’d been waking up in the morning not able to breathe well until last night when I located our humidifier and put it in the room. I’m thinking about purchasing one of those Crane humidifiers or another that has where I  can set temperatures etc… on it.  Any suggestions?

Kitty Miska lounging on some boxes (4 months old)