What I’ve Accomplished in January 2010

A few of these things that this month held for me and that I  accomplished.

Goals for the New Year…

I was contacted by two new clients for Graphic Design work and have started working on new designs for them!

I have not been exercising everyday due to getting a cold mid month that threw off those plans. (the whole family got a cold)

Bible reading

I’ve currently been studying the book of Ruth.


I tackled my daughter’s closet and dresser. I  put away a lot of clothes that were to small and hung up all the adorable spring dresses given to me by my mom ( thank you!).

My husband and I were blessed with a large Little Tike Toy box and now it’s so quick to tidy up my daughter’s room!

I organized my Spice Rack and properly labeled my spice jars with a great label set by Mabel’s Labels!

Books Read…

Movies seen…

  • Julie and Julia
  • Defiance
  • District 9
  • The Movie of Ruth
  • Birdie and Bogey
  • A Greater Yes
  • Monsters Vs. Alien
  • Moon

Other things…

I turned 25!