Party Like a Twinkle Star! {Charity and the JAMband Review}

10 Songs for Rocking Out & 10 Songs for Tucking In!

Party Like a Twinkle Star features 10 upbeat songs on one disc, “PARTY” (songs for rocking out), and 10 more soothing, soulful songs on the second disc, “TWINKLE” (songs for tucking in). These new and original songs have been recorded over the past three years and originally were conceived as two separate albums. Earlier this year, JAMband leader Charity Kahn decided to put them together as one set, divided by mood. One CD features the “celebratory, rockin’, funkin’, JAMband sound” and the second CD features “the more magical, mystical and inspirational JAMband love-a-bye songs,” according to Kahn.

My Thoughts:

This album is fantastic! Why do I like it? Well, I find it pretty unique and praise how there’s a upbeat cd as well as a much more mellow. The lyrics are fun and meaningful! If you, like me are not a fan of kids music with characters with extremely high and annoying to voices, you’ll opt to get this cd as you wont find any of that here.

The songs chosen to be on Party Like a Twinkle Star were written by mom that was inspired by the very best source, her children. you’ll find well know favorites such as Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and Row, Row, Row Your Boat ( one of my favorites), as well as new songs to grow up with and love within your own family! And if you’d like to read the stories behind each song, you can do that by following this link.

My daughter loves to dance and play while this cd is playing. Also, since a lot of the graphic design I work I do  is geared toward children, just having this as background music is an inspiration to get my creative juices working! I highly recommend this CD for kids and for parents that are just big kids at heart!

Thinking about owning this album?

You can check out the Charity and The JAMband website and listen to full-length samples of each of the songs before you buy. Albums vary in price depending on whether you want over the other, both, digital or physical copies ranging from 9.99-19.99. Check out the options yourself at the Party Like a Twinkle Star page.

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Disclaimer: Special Thanks to Charity and the JAMband for sending me a copy of their Party Like a Twinkle Star album free of cost in order to write a review.