Love Your Pet Day – Miska

We love our cat, there’s no doubt about it! Our sweet cat “Miskatonic Skai” (we call her Miska for short), came into our lives on the 30th of January 2010! She was born the end of November and is close to turning three months old next week!

My husband had known for awhile I had been wanting to bring a cat int our family and he finally agreed in getting a kitten as an early Valentines gift to me.  We had been checking around on and found a post about The Cat Adoption team that would be at a local Pet Smart one weekend in hopes to adopt off their kittens and cats to good homes.

We arrived to find three kittens all brothers and sisters playing around in their cage and immediately we were  drawn toward the gray, brown, and white Tabby. She was really sweet and responded to us purring happily.  We read her information sheet and she sounded perfect for our family.

The lady that was there told us that Miska is a very shy kitten and not social but if you saw here her you wouldn’t think that at all. She’s a very friendly and social cat. She loves to play and definitely loves to curl up in your lap for a nap. She permits baths and loves being groomed. She loves playing with my nearly two year older daughter even though Melody can be a little rough, Miksa doesn’t mind it much.

I highly recommend if you live around the north west  to check out the Cat Adoption Team, if you are thinking about bringing a cat or kitten into your families life. They were fantastic to work with!

I’m excited to bringing you product reviews  and giveaways next week on several fantastic products for your pets! I encourage you to check them out even if you don’t have a pet of your own because you can still gift your friends or family that do some fantastic products if you win!