Banjo To Beatbox – Cathy and Marcy with special guest Christylez Bacon

Behind Banjo To Beatbox…

Banjo to Beatbox breaks new musical ground while remaining grounded in tradition. “Beatbox is roots music, with recent urban origins but based on a long tradition of African rhythms,” explains Cathy, an acknowledged master banjo player. “The banjo also originally comes from Africa, so this really makes sense.” The new recording features five-string banjo, cello banjo, six-string banjo and banjo ukulele, along with Marcy’s stellar washboard rhythms.  As Marcy notes, “These instruments and musical styles are not often found in the same room, let alone the same recording. It says to everyone, ‘let’s take an adventure!’”

It all began in 2007 at the Music Center at Strathmore in Maryland, where Cathy & Marcy had been the first artists in residence in 2005, continuing on as artist mentors. Christylez Bacon, then a 21 year old artist in residence, captivated the duo. Chris’ stage presence delighted every audience, and his personal directive to use rhyming and beatbox for totally diverse collaborations was apparent. Soon, the trio were jamming together at downtown open mics and at a prestigious old time banjo festival. When they collectively composed “Hip-Hop Humpty Dumpty,” they knew something special was going on. They tested more happy songs with young audiences, and soon several more tracks emerged.

Christylez Bacon is a hip-hop artist you WANT your family to see and hear. He rhymes, raps, beatboxes and plays percussion and banjo ukulele in the trio. CATHY & MARCY’S preeminence in family and folk music has been recognized with more than 200 Awards, including 2 GRAMMY Awards in children’s music and several GRAMMY nominations. The duo’s reputation for blending traditional instrumentation with a range of musical styles continues with this unique collaboration.

My Thoughts…

I’ll have to admit, never hearing  of Banjo To BeatBox before, I probably would have never picked this cd up off the shelf.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a wide variety of music but beat boxing along with banjo playing never seemed like it would be a good combination, that is until I heard it first hand myself!

It has been a delight listening to Banjo to Beatbox! My 20 month old loves jumping and dancing around when I have this music playing and even my own feet start tapping!  A few of our favorite songs off this CD are Barnyard Dance and Hip Hop Humpty Dumpty!

Banjo To Beatbox is the perfect blend of music and culture! It is something totally different than what you’ll usually find for children. I highly recommend it!

Buy it: Banjo to Beatbox Available from Community Music, Inc. Suggested prices: download: $6.99; EP disc: $7.99 More information: