Under The Weather…

I’ve been sick since Tuesday, sore throat, achy body, head congestion, and motivation to do absolutely nothing.  I’ve been defeated.  I won’t be blogging, I have to put my graphic design for my new clients on hold all until I get to feeling better.

My house was clean, tidy, and oh so organized but with this terrible cold, the dishes are stacking up, the rooms are filled with random toys, and the laundry is being neglected. The plus side is that I’ll be able to slow down enough to watch more movies and when up to it, read a few chapters of my ever growing stack of books.

Did I mention my daughter (20 months next week) is sick too? The bummer thing of having to care for her and myself is that even though she is sick, she doesn’t slow down. She’s a slightly grumpy little snot ball. That’s right…snot! You would not believe how much snot can come from a child till they have a major cold.  Kids, they don’t stop to let you wipe the snot up either, they run away and act like it’s the worst thing in the world.  There’s just no rest.

Well, until I get to feeling better… Please keeps us in your prayers.