My 25th Birthday at a glimpse

Last Wednesday, I celebrated my 25th birthday.ย  I’d like to thank everyone for wishing me the very best on this day that I was brought into the world many years ago by my fantastic momma ( Yes, I call my mother, Momma…I’m southern, what can I say?).

Theย  Saturday prior to this one, my in-laws celebrated my birthday early and we all went out to Pizza Hut (in whom we have my husband Uncle Vernon to thank for). I had my very first Taco Pizza and boy was it delish! My husband and I usually get Papa Murphy’s take and bake pizza so going out to Pizza Hut was a nice treat!

After Pizza Hut, we went over to my in-laws house to spend the afternoon and played the game Dominion. I was so happy toย  have won ( and no they didn’t let me win…Lowmaster’s are serious gamers…pretty heartless for sure…LOL).ย  My mother in law gifted me a nice photo book that she made over at Inkubook of various photos taken in Oregon last year, some sticky journal notes, and an over sized Oregon t-shirt ( perfect for sleeping in and will make a great maternity shirt for around the house when I get pregnant again). And to top it all off, chocolate brownies for dessert.

On Tuesday the 12th, we had a snicker cake from Albertson’s and shared it with our life group to celebrate my birthday. My friend Lindsey surprised me with a cute pair of earrings only to realize that my ears aren’t pierced…oops! No worries though, I’ve had several people do that. The earrings are really cute and am I’m thrilled she thought of me on my birthday ๐Ÿ™‚

My momma, daddy, and sisters sent me several great gifts for my birthday! In the picture above you can see four new sets of shoes, all of which I love! They also gifted me an adorable purple shirt and scarf set along with some pretty cute hair accessories ( keeping me stylish, no doubt) hehe.

On my actual birthday, my husband took me out shopping to the mall and we had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.ย  I had a very tasty meal of curried chicken and shrimp ( I LOVE CURRY).ย  Then after, my husband gifted me two cute hats from Fuego and a new purse from the Sanrio store ( What can I say, I love sanrio stuff). Our shopping and dinner trip then followed us renting Julie and Julia from the redbox (great move, fyi!).

Overall I had a fantastic birthday and very thankful for all of those who thought of me. Thank you and I love you all!