Moe’s Place review

Do you like to include your dog in Holiday events celebrated through out the year? Are you one that loves to put bandannas on your cute pooch but end up losing them after some time of wear? If so, I’ve found the perfect solution for you at Moe’s Place, LLC!

Moe’s offers stylish and practical collar bandana sleeve’s! How it works, is that you slip your dog collar slips through the sleeve. That’s it! Your dog won’t be uncomfortable in wearing both and you won’t have to worry about losing the bandanna either!Moe’s bandana sleeve’s come in a variety of four styles which include Scout, Lapel, Sport, and Ultra. THe number of sizes varies through petite to X-Large. And the variety of patterned to solid colored sleeves to choose from is endless for any occasion and every holiday!

I was sent the Valentine Hearts and Paws Scout Bandana Sleeve to review in size small. What I can tell you is that this sleeve is made exceptionally well. Some key features is that the bandanna is machine washable, comfortable and durable, and made 100% in the USA. This specific style is also reversible meaning your dog can wear it two different ways!

If you’d like to purchase one of these for the dog in your life, not that they have wholesale, clearance and Gift Certificates starting at $10 to $50. Also,when you make a purchase, 10% of all sales go to help fund animal shelters. This would be the perfect gift for your pup to say I love you this Valentines Day!

A special thanks to Moe’s Place for sending the sample for me to review. And, thanks to for the opportunity to share and review new products.