Mabel’s Labels – *Household* Custom Neat Freak Combo review

New Year’s resolutions, some of us make them some of us don’t. I’m one of those people that do make resolutions for the New Year and 75% of the time, the things I wanted to tackle tend to get completed! I can’t argue with those results so I tend to make more resolutions each and every year.

Mabel’s Labels has helped me tackle of one of my new year resolutions right off the bat! The back story on this resolution started with my the spice rack my husband bought me last Christmas. I loved this spice rack, I found my spices quite easily without having to dig through cabinet and it worked fantastic for several months. But then, the printed spice names on each of the containers began to disappear. The ink smudged and I couldn’t tell the paprika from the cayenne pepper and this could cause a big problem depending on what I was preparing.

The Household canister, bin, and spice labels set provided by Mabel’s Labels was exactly what I needed! This set consists of 16 Canister Labels, 30 Bin Labels, and 52 Spice Labels. The dimensions of these labels aren’t too big and not too small! I was able to fully customize each label to my liking by choosing what word would go on each label as well as choosing from the three available color sets (Apple Green, Magenta, and Navy Blue).

The bin labels that I choose to customize include labels for Holiday, Craft, and Outdoor supplies which are a must for finding things a lot quicker when you need them!

The Canister labels I’ve used to organize my canisters such as all purpose flour, bread flour, and others in the kitchen. You can see without each canister being properly labeled, I could easily mix up my flour and we wouldn’t want to do that!

The labels in this combo pack are resistant to water. And they are not intended to withstand dishwasher or microwave use . I love these labels and have been very impressed with the quality. My husband loves them too and only hopes that they offer more color selection in the future!

A set of these from Mabel’s Labels retails for 40.00, which includes 98 fully customizable long lasting labels!

** Special thank to Mabel’s Labels for helping me get organized in the New Year of 2010! **

Disclaimer: I was sent the Neat Freak combo for review from Mabel’s Labels. This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.