19 months in a nutshell

My friend Lindsey keeps saying I should be blogging all the adventures in parenting I’ve been having. She actually said she needed to do this as well and beat me to it just this morning on her own blog.

My daughter is nearing two years old soon  and I can hardly believe how much she has changed and how much she has been accomplishing.

January, though only one week in, has been a break through month in potty training! It’s funny the things you celebrate as a parent. Seriously though we may look for any excuse to get out of the house but I do believe Potty training is monumental in any parents and child life.

Potty Training:
Around Melody turning 18 months old, I started introducing to her the potty. We would have conversations about it. More or less I would be explaining to her what it was and that her pee pee and poo poo belonged there.  A few weeks after that, Melody grasped the concept of what her pee and poo was. She then would take of her diapers after she had gone and give them to us exclaiming to what was inside. I then put her on the potty shortly after and various times through out the day and sometimes she would go.

Now at 19 months we hit a break through just yesterday. She said mommy poo poo, took me to the bathroom, and asked to be put on the potty and to my surprise she went! My husband and I were so thrilled and rewarded our daughter with chocolate. Now she still hasn’t been asking to go every time so we’ve still been having many accidents but at least I know that she is starting to get it and on the verge of being completely potty trained before she is two for sure!

I officially weaned my daughter the last week of December. I decided that it was time. I had put it off for some time because I wanted to make sure she getting enough to eat. For a while she wouldn’t drink Milk at all and was being a really picky eater during teething so there was some days where all she got was breast milk and nothing else. Weaning was easy, I told her the milk was all gone and that she had to drink out of a cup now and she could choose from juice, milk, or water. And she repeated everything I told her and though a few times she would ask to nurse I would say remember it’s gone and you get to drink out of a cup like a big girl. A little sad as mom to officially say it’s time to stop but  she was so good about the whole process  leaving me without any horrible guilt from making her stop.

Can we say little miss chatter box? I’ve lost count of all the words she knows! Her little brain is like a sponge, she is soaking in every little thing she hears. For instance I had to get onto my husband for saying FUNK when he plays computer games and get’s frustrated. You guessed it, Melody was going around chanting FUNK for several days on end and it sure did sound the actual “F” word. I didn’t and don’t want to be the mom whose kid teaches the entire group a cuss word. LOL…. Melody’s communication skills are impeccable, she usually can tells us what she needs with full sentences.

Melt Downs: These were bound to happen. My kid has been the envy of most parents since birth, extremely happy, never really a fuss at all.  The fun thing about Melt Downs is that they can come out at anytime, one minute she’s fine and the next she flips out. The most common reasons have been when she wants something in the store like say a baby doll,when she still wants to play in a waiting room when it’s time to go and see the Doctor, when she wants to be independent and walk around a store all on her own, and of course at times she’s struggled a bit with sharing. All normal and nothing to worry about. It’s that age and the stage for it. Her melt downs don’t usually last for very long the longest was maybe 3 minutes and there’s no tauntrums, thank goodness!

Nudity: We’ve hit the it’s fun to be nude stage! My daughter like to go stark naked around the house so I’ve had to come up with ways to make that a little harder for her. Button up dresses are a must, tights are hard for her to remove, and overalls I found don’t come off either. Anytime we are in the car, her socks and shoes tend to come off as soon as possible. Thanks goodness the car seat provides any further undressing.

Reading: Lately she’s been having a lot of fun with her books, she’s actually been repeating everything I say when I read them to her and then when we read the book next time she reads it to me by memorization. It’s too cute.

Playing: This includes, kitchen toys, crayons, baby dolls, and back  and forward flips off the bed and couch. Totally not kidding about the flips… she’s pretty fearless so watch out.

Her Stats: 19lbs 5 ounces and 2ft 7 inches tall. Now if she would slow down from being so hyper active, maybe we could get more weight on her but that’s been a struggle since she was born. We always ask for prayers in this area. Every time we go to the Doctor, this is the biggest issue for me. I feel guilty and like a horrible mother somehow when I am constantly questioned on what sort of things I feed her.

Thyroid : Her medication has been upped again just this week. Never fun in readjusting and then going back again in six weeks for labs.

I’m sure there’s lots more I haven’t’ mentioned but this is what comes to mind for the past week or so. Don’t ask me how I do it, I’m not even sure!