Wii: Sims Animals Africa Review


I’m a big Sims fan so I was pretty excited to get a hold of one of Electronic Arts latest Sims games, SimAnimals Africa . This game is available for both the Nintendo Wii as well as for the Nintendo DS, today I’ll be reviewing the Wii version of the game.
In this game you’ll find that your were chosen to restore the good energy, peace if you will, to the land. You’ll do this by completing various missions available in each specific territory in Africa.

The missions aren’t too hard. You’ll find that you need to befriend certain animals to utilize their special skills.  In order to befriend each animal, by feeding, petting, and playing various mini games with the animal you choose. Some of the animals that you’ll find in SimAnimals Africa include Zebras, Lions, Elephants, Hippos, and other most known animals that can be found in that part of the world.

The controls are very Sim like, you’ll know exactly what I am talking about if you’ve played a Sim game before. I liked the twist on SimAnimals Africa because not only can control the area in “God mode” but you can also play as any of the animals you befriend. There’s an excellent tutorial when you start your game that will be extremely helpful in understanding the controls.

SimAnimals-Africa-001The music is great! I could listen to the sounds of Africa all day long! The graphics are also very fun and cartoon like, exactly what I would expect from a game like this.

I love the educational aspect of this game. I like how per say that when the lions needed fed, they eat the Zebra. I’ve played some games in the past where all the animals were friends and the meat eating species just didn’t eat the other animals. You can also mate the animals in order to grow a depleting population. Don’t worry, there’s just nuzzling, nothing explicit in any way.  I like that through this game kids are taught responsibility of caring for the world around them.

Overall,  I think this game is best for younger children. I believe with an older audience, that they’ll lose interest rather quickly after the various missions are completed.

You can purchase the Wii version of this game for around $35.00

** They also have a version of this game for the Nintendo DS**
Portable players will have several additional exclusive animals to play with, including parrots, meerkats, and cheetahs, and you’ll be able to talk to the parrot via the DS microphone and have him repeat what you said back to you.
Disclaimer: I was givenSimAnimals Africa for the wii system to review. This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone.