Whirlwind Wednesday!


No doubt, there is something about the Holidays upon us that sets everything into a crazy frenzy. My husband took last week off and though it was to be restful, we all know that’s not how vacations usually go. I always hear people joke about taking another vacation to rest from the first one and I’m feeling that way right now!

100_4491I really did enjoy going to the Oregon Coast last week, beyond leaps and bounds. I love the ocean! When I was growing up, my family and I lived on the ocean in several different places so I totally see myself spoiled from that experience. The beauty of creation around me, especially the ocean really causes me to be still and focus on God through the storms of life.

My daughter loved the beach, and I didn’t have to worry about chasing her down or saying no. It was so nice! If you know anything about my daughter is that she is always on the move. I can’t blame her, I’m sure everything is so interesting at that age and to be without a care in the world must be rather lovely!16135_183358144671_640774671_2794589_7745978_n

My family and I also checked out the local Aquarium as well as the Hatfield Marine Science Center. I took lots of pictures and plenty of video that when once I have the time, I will share here. If you are ever at the Oregon Coast, you must check out “Local Ocean”, by far the best fish and chips that I’ve ever eaten. Not oily in the least bit and you’ll also have a nice ocean view. It was the perfect little trip… and not a peep of frustration or crying out my daughter. She slept the whole way there and the whole way back.

Thanksgiving was nice, not as nearly as stressful as those in the past. I whipped up a sweet potato souffle as well as broccoli cheese rice casserole, those are which my usual’s during the Holidays! We went to my in-laws and had a quite filling lunch, and worked it off by playing the latest Boom Blox game on my sister in-laws wii.

Oh and earlier that week, we had our life groups Thanksgiving get together. I made two pumpkin pies to add to the plethora of food that was brought. It was a hit if I do say so myself.IMG_0102

…And with the good usually comes the bad. Over the last month and this, someone has been charging my bank card for small amounts of money. The fraudulent charges have been canceled and today I officially had that account closed and opened a new one. I have no idea how someone would have gotten my bank card number but I am assuming it had to have been from somewhere online. It’s truly a frightening experience and I’m glad that it wasn’t worse.

My daughter had her 18 month check up this week. She’s doing great. She’s still a little tiny thing. 19lbs and 32inches, tall and skinny. She’s been changing a lot, she’s gotten to the fun toddler stage of not sharing and making fuss about it… lol…In other news, we have now moved her into her own room and she loves it. It’s so funny to think that my daughter has been sleeping in her toddler bed since she was one and I know a lot of parents struggle when their children are two and three to introduce it. I guess we really lucked out!

100_4621 I still can’t believe it already the second of December. I’ve yet to get my Christmas cards ready due to the financial bank issues and the fact that I don’t get paid usually till the second week of the month. I’m wanting to pursue more graphic design work in the new year so I will be slowing down on all the review and giveaways on my blog, which I’m sure is understandable to most. I wanted to make a really special Christmas Guide but in return, I got pretty overwhelmed due to starting a little late and  keeping up with it all as well as juggling  other responsibilities has really took it’s toll on me.

This Friday is my 3rd year wedding anniversary. I honestly can’t believe it’s been that long! We plan on making a nice meal at home and watching a movie. Not sure on the movie yet and the meal will be homemade tacos!

Busy… today I have a 1.5 hour dentist appointment to get my cavities filled. I know, yuck! Tomorrow is a woman’s meeting at my church which I am really look forward too . I’m only a little sad that my girls from life group won’t be able to make it!

That’s what’s been going on with me in a nutshell!

How has everyone else been coping with the Holiday season as well life happening in the midst of it?