Ready for Christmas

The cards have been sent, the tree styled up,  the parties have been had, the cookies are baked, and the present are wrapped.

It’s really easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season and totally forget the real reason why we celebrate it that which of course is Christ the Lord.

I’m pretty excited about the Christmas Eve service that will be hosted by our church tomorrow. Our pastors have been doing a wonderful job in presenting the message of the Christmas season based upon the Advent Conspiracy movement.

If you know nothing about the Advent Conspiracy you should know that it was started by three pastors in whom felt that the real meaning and purpose¬† of Christmas was lost among the people. The message behind The Advent Conspiracy is simple: spend less, worship more. I encourage you to check out the book, videos, and study guides as I know they’ve truly been a blessing to many as well as the couples in our small life group.

How are you celebrating Christmas this year?