Perler Bead Decorations

I love being crafty and just recently have taken up creating with Perler Beads! Since I’m a fan of gaming consoles and old school games like Pac Man, I created these fun pac man perler bead buddies to decorate my nearly ornamentless tree this year!

I can’t wait to make more of my own favorite characters as well as my own self thought up designs! These are so much fun to create (save for the hours I spent sorting beads). You can buy Perler beads not mixed from the perler bead website and I would also recommend checking out e-bay for some great deals.

You can purchase a bucket of Perler beads for around $13.00 at Micheals or any other craft store. The prices of the pegboards you’ll need vary depending on the size. I scored a great deal on peg boards at Ikea for just two dollars for a set of 4!

Perler beads are great for making key chains, coasters, ornaments, stylish magnets and whatever else you can think up! These are a fun craft to do with kids ages four and up as I have some great memories of creating with them when I was a child.