My Baby First Steps Wii Review

51ENpYntdfL._SL500_AA280_My Baby First Steps is a follow up from the popular My Baby Boy and My Baby Girl Nintendo DS games. What’s this game about?  In so many words, you’ll be able to learn the do’s and don’t in the world of virtual parenting!

Fun Game Features

  • Customize your baby with all new items (outfits, accessories, toys) and even decorate their room to your liking.
  • Care for your baby and teach them new things, like how to walk, talk, shapes, colors and staying out of trouble.
  • Choose whether you want a boy or girl, name your baby and customize and your baby’s look with even more options … or just let it be a surprise!
  • All new activities for having fun with your baby, like trying new foods, reading bedtime stories and tracking your baby’s growth through his or her toddler years.
  • Interact with your baby whenever you want and experience real baby-like reactions.
  • Watch your baby grow from both a physical and psychological point of view.Not only is it up to you to teach your baby how to stand, walk talk and learn about the wide world that’s around him or her, My Baby: First Steps requires that you also take good care of your baby with regular feedings, bedtime stories, new clothes for a quickly-growing body and lots of love and affection. It sounds exhausting, but parenting is a truly rewarding job – especially when you see your baby take that very first step!

    My Thoughts…

    In my opinion, My Baby First Steps on the Wii is a must get for the girl gamers in your life from ages 5-12.This game would be perfect for children who have just found out that they may be getting a new brother or a sister! I think this game would also help children ease into understanding how much care goes into raising a child and as well as teach them responsibility of seeing to babies need! Let’s not forget also that they’ll also learn how much fun a baby can be!

    My daughter is only 18 months old, so it was all up to me to share my thoughts on this game. Why I wanted to review it in the first place is because my daughter was wild about a demo video she saw of it.  Giggles galore and mimicking of the baby on the screen is the response I got from my daughter. When I was  playing this game, my daughter Melody even learned a few new things of her own such as jumping. I can’t wait till I get further into this game, as maybe my daughter will get a few cues from the potty training sessions! So, not only a game but a learning tool.

  • My Baby First Steps is available for the Nintendo DS and the Wii.