Holiday Gift Guide: Mrs. Smith’s Diaper Bag Review and Giveaway

mrs-smith-diaper-bag-400x341Who knew all the stuff you needed to have on hand when traveling with a baby, infant, or toddler! I recall being out many times and noticing that I forgot to put the wipes back into my daughter’s diaper bag. That was never a good thing! I also have had to deal with digging through a not very organized bag… meanwhile my daughter is wailing for me to see to her needs. This issue was extremely stressful while away from home on a 10 hour flight across the US. Trust me, I got a few nasty stares from inconsiderate people.

What’s a mom to do? Well, I have to thank Rachael Smith, a mother 2 whom hasย  had plenty of her own diaper bag experiences. She couldn’t find a solution, so she came up with her own very line of diaper bags called Mrs. Smith Diaper bags. An awesome line of fashionable and functional bags if I do say so myself!

To me what makes Mrs. Smith Diaper bags so different from the rest is the organization! I no longer lose precious time digging around for my own or my babies things.

The top compartment in the bag is made and best for storing extra outfits for those un-expected accidents. I found I easily could hold about two outfits for my 18 month old, so it can hold many more if you have a younger baby.

There’s a spot in the top compartment with three insulated pockets that are perfect for keeping bottles or sippy cups hot or cold, whichever you desire. I love the pockets as they keep the cups or bottles up right preventing any spills on other things in the bag! An idea is you can also hold baby food jars in those pockets too!

The top compartment flap also has an included washable full-size changing pad! Until I become a mom, I never realized how important it was to have a diaper changing pad with me. You think most places provide those disposable covers but I learned most places don’t even accommodate this issue or they are always out! It can be pretty frustrating so I’m glad Mrs. Smith included this.

Other compartment in the top include a a small little zipper pouch in which I store my daughter’s teething tablets and a larger pocket with velcro in which I store my daughter’s diapers and wipe case. Some of the other things you’ll find in the top compartment of my diaper bag include a few board books, my daughter teething toy, a second set of shoes, and a few other random necessities! But wait’s there’s more to talk about!

mrs-smith-diaper-bag1I’ve never seen a bag with a drawer, especially one for a diaper bag! Mrs. Smith diaper bag bottom drawer area is ideal for storing snacks of all kind ( you can store a banana with no worry of it getting smooshed!), toys, pacifiers, or anything else you want to get to quickly. I’ve been using the drawer in my bag to store my daughters plate, fork, spoon, snacks, and meals when we go out. I love it!

The side pockets are fantastic for storing, an 8 x 10 binder or notebook, 2 small pouch on the outside for a cell phone/and or wallet, a mesh pouch and a pouch with a string. I found storing my Flip and being able to get to it quickly was a breeze with the side pockets! The fact I can store my daughter coloring supplies in the pocket big enough for an 8×10 binder was pretty nice too!

I love going to the park with my daughter but if you know my daughter, she’s always on the go! This is why I appreciate that Mrs. Smith diaper bag can also be converted into a backpack super easily! This feature leaves me hands free which is so crucial sometimes for parents dealing with babies and toddlers!

Mrs. Smith diapers bags are awesome! I would not choose another and I sure wish I had this bag earlier on! I highly recommend these diapers bags to all new moms!

Giveaway: One of my readers will win a diaper bag of their own! ($69 – $99 each)

To Enter: Visitย ย Mrs. Smith, and tell me what bag you would like if you win! Deadline to enter is December 15th!



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Disclaimer: I was sent a diaper bag to review from Mrs. Smith. This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.