Tiny Tongs Review

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100_4117My daughter is about 18 month old and is still having trouble using her fork and spoon. Not that she can’t, but she would rather use her hands because it makes eating a lot quicker. So many times, she would bring her spoon or fork to her mouth only to have her food fall into her lap, totally breaking my heart. I eagerly want to help her out but no, she must do it herself!

I was recently asked to share my thoughts on Tiny Tongs and they are what I would like to call a mom must have!  Tiny Tongs are the perfect size for children to grasp, helping to promote eating with a utensil instead of using their hands. The non-slip grip is perfect for holding. And these are dishwasher safe for those of us with not enough time on our hands!

My daughter took to her set of Tiny Tongs right away! She had no trouble at all learning how to use these either. I know she is pretty proud of herself when using these because she would hold them up in the air and smile and then continue on eating using them.

Overall, Tiny Tongs are easy to use, non-toxic (Lead Free, BPA Free, Phthalate Free), dishwasher safe, and the non slip grip is perfect to keep these in your child’s hand comfortably! These are fantastic to have for children ages 1-5 years old. Can you imagine how helpful these would be when your child is attempting to eat spaghetti noodles?

Tiny Tongs are available in four fun colors and retail for $7.99. You can learn more as well as view videos of children using Tiny Tongs by visiting www.tinytongs.com