SuperMama Amber Teething Pain Relief Necklace Review

image002ambernecklaceI’m so glad that SuperMama asked if I would review one of her  Amber Teething Pain Relief Necklaces. I was just about to try a few other methods in order to help ease my daughter’s teething pain. Right now Melody is working on getting some back molars in and she’s been pretty sad about it. The wakefulness and restlessness doesn’t do anyone in our household any good.

The  Baltic Amber Teething Pain Relief Necklace from SuperMama is a 100% natural way to help prevent teething pain as well as to put a stop to excessive ammount of drool.  These necklaces are typically designed in size for babies and infants from 2 months to 2 years of age.  And it releases natural oils with proven calming, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects when worn against the skin

My daughter has been wearing this necklace on and off for about a week now. I’ve noticed big changes in the days she wears the necklace compared to the days she doesn’t. That’s proof enough for me that this really works. As, on the days she wears it, she doesn’t want to put absolutely everything on her mouth and she actually has taken naps. I don’t keep this necklace on her when she sleeps because the thought of her air flow becoming blocked scares me but as soon as she wakes, the necklace goes back on.

These necklaces are created with the safety of children in mind. For instance, each single bead is knotted so if the necklace breaks, your child wont be able to get a hold of very many to ingest. Speaking of ingestion, if your child does swallow one, know that each bead was selected so that if the baby ingests a bead, they will simply pass it through harmlessly.

100_3892A little more information on Baltic amber…

Sold in European pharmacies for generations.

European babies have worn necklaces of pure Baltic amber, prized for their beauty and soothing qualities. Worn against the skin, the Baltic amber of the Teething Necklace releases natural oils with proven analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects that soothe teething pain and reduce drooling. Each pure, natural Baltic amber bead of your Teething Necklace is individually knotted for safety and durability, creating a cherished gift of lasting beauty and pain relief for any baby you love.

Overall Thoughts…

I’m all for natural remedies in helping ease pain, if I can forgo the Tylenol and the teething gels, I definitely will, no question.  I would totally recommend this necklace as a means to help reduce the pain of teething in your child.

$26, BUT, when you think about all the money you spend on tablets, gels, and other pain relief products for baby, it’s really not such a bad deal.

SuperMama Teething Pain Relief Necklaces retail for $26.00 each.  You can purchase and learn more about these necklaces at