My Flip

41s-ZcgRNmL._SL500_AA280_I’m happy to be the proud owner of a black,Flip UltraHD Camcorder. I’d been wanting a digital camcorder for a long time. I had been using the video feature on my digital camera but in all honesty, it’s resolution was next to horrible. I also have a mini camera that takes those little cassette tapes but when it comes down to it, when going on trips near or far bringing the diaper back, stroller, digital camera, and whatever else we’d have to bring it just wasn’t worth the lugging of more equipment around. The Flip is little, easy to toss in my purse with everything else. It’s simple to use, just click the record button and you are set! To take the video off the computer you simply plug it into any available USB drive and voila, instant satisfaction as the video doesn’t take that long to transfer at all. I haven’t found any issue when using my FLIP and I plan writing on a review of my experience! We’ll be visiting the coast/aquarium next week as my husband has the week off and I am really looking forward to¬† using my Flip to video our experience!

Oh, I purchased my FLIP at for just 159.00, which is a real steal! Shipping was free and for $2.99 your order can be processed the same day in order to get to you sooner.