Holiday Gift Guide: The Ultimate Cloth Review

washCleaning with just water? I honestly had to see it and try it for myself to believe it.  Yes, that’s right, the Ultimate Cloth, literally cleans exceptionally well with just water. I know this because I was sent a sample cloth to review for myself from Ultimate Cloth America.

This cloth is pretty simple to use, I easily rinse the cloth well with warm water and start my cleaning, whether I’m cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, mirrors, screens, and even the car, this cloth gets the job done! As I’m writing this review, I am sitting at my virtually oil and spot free laptop. No other cloth has been able to clean my glossy laptop surface without leaving undesirable streaks, so just because of this fact if nothing else, I am a huge fan of this cloth!

Simple- wet it, wring it, wipe your surface, walk away!

Smart – No more expensive chemicals for cleaning glass or your floor! No need to have massive amount of paper towels around the house.  Forget the swiffer refills, and the beauty of it all, it cuts 50% of your cleaning time!

To clean this cloth, you can simply throw it in the wash just don’t use fabric when washing. Also make sure to wash it separate or just lint-free clothing. Or you can hand ash with dish soap, which is my preferred method.  Worried about the cloth getting stained? You can bleach it! Now to dry the cloth there is one simple rule, don’t put it in the dryer!  If you can handle that, you are set!

Ultimate Cloth America promises – a clean cloth will never streak, spot or scratch your surface. If you are getting streaks or spots, it’s ready to be rinsed out with water or washed with soap or detergent depending on what you pulled into it. Be sure to rinse or wash any dirt or grit out of the cloth prior to using on a delicate surface.

Final Thoughts…

I would highly consider purchasing more of these fantastic cloths! I also think they would make a fantastic additions to the numerous gifts you may be giving out this Holiday season too! And how much do these amazing cloths cost? Just $6.00 for one or you can get a tw0 for a  two pack for the standard size (13.5 x 15.5) for $10.00 and for the larger size you can get 1 for 9.00. These can be purchased straight from Ultimate Cloth America‘s website!

If you’d like a cloth of your own for free, please visit the only catch is that you have to pay S &H.

Disclaimer: I was sent 1 Ultimate Cloth for review from Ultimate Cloth America . This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.