Holiday Gift Guide: Pretty Please Press Review and Giveaway


Pretty Please Press publishes various titles of children’s books that were made to be read aloud and later discussed. Each of the books available are hoped to be building blocks in helping to enlighten and teach children various values through each issue displayed with the end results of learned life long character skills.

A special thanks to Pretty Please Press for giving me the opportunity to Review and Giveaway a set of their character building books! I hope you benefit from the short write up of each book below.

My thoughts…


Kick Block Punch by Jacquie Hann

This book is the perfect story for children who may have an interest in martial arts. We find the main character, a boy named Sam, learning that to master a certain skill he must start at the bottom and work his way up. This story teaches patience, practice, and determination and is perfect for discussion. I personally love seeing the character development through the story. This book is quite special to me because I took karate classes growing up and learned these lessons in self-discipline first hand.

bella-coverBasset Ballerina by Laura Aimee Garn & Illustrated by Valerie Sokolova

This book will be quite a treat to all dog lovers out there. I know a friend of mine who has a basset hound, and I’m sure she would just eat this book right up!ย  I love this whimsical tale of Bella the Basset hound whose dream is to become a great ballerina. The illustrations in this book are ever so delightful. Though everyone tries to deter Bella from the dream she has, she tries her very best no matter what, which is really counts the most.

pynx-coverPynx by Jeffrey Greene

My husband being a fan of science fiction is a real fan of the illustrations that can be found throughout the pages of this book. The creatures have fun names Long- Tailed Lavender Cripe, White Fuzzbun, Blue Pipsqueak, and other names! In this story you’ll learn what it means to accept others despite their differences and to look within yourself in to try and make a point. Perfect story in teaching children to not be so quick to judge others who may live, look, and act a little different than themselves. It really makes me think about the song “Why can’t we be friends?”.ย 

scritchy-coverThe Scritchy Little Twittchell Sisters by Laura Aimee Gran and Illustrated by Erik Brooks

I literally laughed out loud when reading through this story. I grew up with four sisters, one older and three younger, so I can really relate to this book though quite a bit of the parts are exaggerated for amusement purposes, I’m sure. Siblings will fight, there’s no preventing that. In this book, despite the good, bad, and the sometimes ugly, the point put across is that through it all understanding and appreciation for each other can be learned. Anyone whom has a sibling especially girls withย  sisters as well as their parents would really love this book, in my opinion.

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Disclaimer: I was given aย  set of book from Pretty Please Press to review. This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.