Holiday Gift Guide: Dreamlets Review

Dreamlets are uniquely designed plush toys created by a Seattle based company. These one of a kind characters were made to encourage us to take life a little less seriously and  to remind us that we already have the life we’ve always wanted.

I like to say I’m a pretty simple girl and that being so, the simplicity of these fun characters really drew me to them! They are off the wall adorable ( at least to me) and make me smile each time I look at them!

100_3229The Dreamlets family consist of the six following characters, Beebee, Ceecee, Stanley, Uncle, Thinko and Qoindo. Each Dreamlet is handmade and designed to withstand the adventures of everyday life.Beans are added into their bodies giving them weight, and high-quality, and the color-fast fleece fabric make them as durable as they quite are squeezable.

There is no real packing that these came in just so you know. The tag that is on each of the characters includes a bio and also opens up to reveal a special code that you can use to register the plush on the Dreamlets website. Once you have registered your Dreamlet, you are given the opportunity to donate to a percent from purchasing your plush to one of several  organizations that support creative thought through funding and education.

My whole family loves our Dreamlets! My husband loves the off the wall look of each character as well as the fact they all have their own personalities. We literally were sitting around comparing ourselves and trying to figure out who we were most like.  For example,  my husband is more like Thinko, Booksmart & Thoughtful and I am more like Qoindo, Creative & Spontaneous! Our curious daughter is most like Ceecee, fun and adventurous! My daughter loves playing with the Dreamlets! She’ll drag them around the house ( these toys can withstand a lot!) but has really favored Uncle as  she makes sure he resides in her bed each night.

On the Dreamlets website, you’ll find free e-cards which feature unique artwork and several fantastic personalization options. Soon to be added is a note section which I believe you can sign up to receive words of  encouragement  throughout your week!

We love our Dreamlet family and hope to see more added to the line soon! I think these would make a fantastic gift for anyone!

Dreamlets retail for $25.00 each and are available on the Dreamlets website. You can follow Dreamlets on Twitter here.