Give This Christmas Away (101 simple & thoughtful ways to . . .) by Matthew West

9781414336442Christmas is the time of the year when consumerism is at it’s peak. People rush here and there sadly trying to snag the best deal on gifts big and small at whatever cost it may take to get it. The Holiday season which should be stress free become frustrating and rather a hassle, not at all what it should be.

What if Christmas Looked Different this year? What if we all just give this Christmas away? Matthew West asks these two question in his latest book Give This Christmas Away.

If you are a Veggie Tale fan like myself, you may recall the song “Give This Christmas Away” which is a duet between Matthew West and Amy Grant from the latest movie Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving, a movie that brought me to tears.

Little things matter, trust me they do. You don’t have to have gobs of money to be an encouragement to someone. All it may take is a helping hand, a card letting them know you thought of them, fresh baked cookies and an invitation to come over and have tea.  God blesses us in so many ways that through those, we can bless others.

If you are all out of ideas of your own on how you can can minister to those around you, Matthew West has written up 101 ways to give this Christmas away. I literally read this book in about on hour. I took a few notes of my own from the inspiration given to me from random stories through out this book. I love how each story is a word of testimony and a Bible Verse to match ends everyone. I challenge everyone to pick up this book and be a blessing to those around them not just during the Holiday season but every chance that you get!

It’s time to think outside the box and not just about what’s inside of it!

If you follow this link: you can read the first chapter!

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