Wii: EA Active More Workouts Review


EASACTMWwiiBoxPFTfront-300x240EA Sports has released a sequel to their EA Sports Active Personal Trainer called EA Sports Active More Workouts. This game was released on the 17th of November and is available for purchase for just $39.99.  I was given an advanced copy of this game to review thanks to the people over at EA.

I’m sure many people would like to know how EA Sports Active More Workouts compares to EA Sports Active Personal Trainer. We’ll for many reasons that I’ll point out, I feel like a lot of gaps from the first game have been improved upon.

When purchasing EA Sports Active More Workouts, you’ll find that not only do you receive the game itself but also nutritional guide booklet by Bob Greene. You’ll find that this book recommends helpful steps to increasing your activity level and achieving a healthier lifestyle. I personally am a fan of the recipes!

I’d like to point out that for this game you’ll need to  purchase the resistance band and leg strap. The accessory pack retails for $20.00. Also this game uses the Wii Balance board but it’s nice to know that purchasing it is not required.

ea-sports-active-tennisIf you have a profile from EA Sports Active Personal Trainer, you can easily import that into EA Sports Active More Workouts as soon as you load the game up. You can then choose to customize your avatar in the desired attire ( work out outfit, hat, shoes), look ( skin color, hair style and color) body build, as well as enter your weight. My husband whom is also playing along side me, really liked the feature that you can weigh yourself with the wii balance board to get the most accurate weight measurement, a feature that was not available in the previous game.

After setting up your profile you’ll find in your own personal menu a fitness journal in area in which you can input data on your daily eating and exercise habits. I know after I answered the quizzes I was feeling a little guilty about not drinking enough water and eating enough vegetables each day. It was great to be aware of the areas I was lacking in so I could make it my goal to improve on it each day.  I found all the questions in this section were revised from the the previous EA Active game.

EA-More-Workouts-2You have the option of adding other exercise you may do through out the day in your journal. I usually add when I go walking and when I do extensive housework.  I like that this option is there so I don’t feel like I am sitting around on not doing any sort of exercise all day. Plus it’s great to add so I can work toward to earning the various trophies available as rewards for a job well done!

A new feature that was added is the weekly fitness tracker in which you can view and compare your personal stats. You’ll find on this chart the calories you’ve burned, a chart of your weight, and the number of workouts, total exercise time, and number of miles covered in your EA Sports Active workout. Trust me seeing, how much you’ve done can be really encouraging in keeping you working out and working toward a healthier life style!

There are 35 all new exercises, which means there are now 89 in all! I like that you can create your own personal workouts in so many different ways! If I want to work on just cardio, upper body, lower body, or abdominal, the options for me to put that together are all there! There are all-new cool down/warm up stations as well as warm weather activities like water skii-ing and paddle surfing!

Did I mention there is also a co-op mode? I like that you can work along side a friend or your spouse! There’s nothing like have an accountability partner to work on maintaining life changing goal together!

196285There is a six week challenge! What the six week challenge consist of is a series of 24 pre-set workouts. I’ve learned that the length of this challenge is ideal for weight loss and that the workouts are designed to focus on different muscle groups intensively throughout the allotted time slot. You can choose an easy, medium, or hard workout. I’m probably going to go with easy since I nearly never exercise and would probably really be hurting if I upped the difficulty too much. Another thing my husband and I love about the six week challenge is that we are now given the ability to choose the days of the week to work out. My husband unfortunately missed the last two days of the 30 day challenge from the first EA Active game and nothing he did counted!

I’m really excited about the new six week challenge in which starts tomorrow on the 20th of November! My husband and I, along with many other people around the web are taking part in this challenge together. I am hoping to give everyone at least a weekly update on how the challenge is going for myself and my husband is also going to write his thoughts on this venture on his own blog!

I think most people will really like EA Sports Active More Workouts as it truly is the perfect personal trainer in a box and great for every member of the family! It saves a trip to gym and you can escape to beautiful island beaches all from the comfort of your living room!  I’m totally ready to feel the burn! How about you?

Disclaimer: I was sent EA Sports Active More Workouts for review from Electronic Arts . This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.