Cryo-Cell is joining Breast Cancer Awareness Month

November just began so I’m a little late on sharing the news during October about Cryo-Cell  partnering with National Institutes of Health (NIH) to explore the potential utilization of menstrual stem cells to treat breast cancer.

I find Cryo-Cells and National Institutes of Health partnership fantastic. Through their coming together there is hope in beginning to better understand C’elle stem cells and their potential benefit for the treatment of breast cancer as well as many other potential diseases and conditions.

All this talk of blood stem cells and more  may seem a bit over the head for some, but I think it’s best we become educated in ways and benefits that can those who suffer from breast cancer among other issues that Cry0-Cell can help potentiality cure.

What Cryo-Cell is doing, is they take initiative to see if menstrual blood stem cells can help people. Basically menstrual blood stem cells are a rich source of stem cells and the subject of extensive, aggressive stem cell research and development.

This deals may still be going on…During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Cryo-Cell is offering a C’Elle Breast Cancer Donation to the Susan B. Komen Foundation. With each purchase of the “Protect Baby, Protect Mom” service, they will donate $50 and for each purchase of the “C’elle Menstrual Stem Cell” service they will donate $25.

I’m overly thrilled about the  Cyro-Cell Breast Cancer Donation to such a worthy cause! Cryo-Cell is a fantastic company worth checking out and if you’d like to educate yourself more on the matter, feel free to visit their website.