We Love Colors Review

TealIf you are into fun, funky, and fantastic color selection when it comes to fashion, you definitely want to check out We Love Colors! They offer quite the selection of leggings, colored tights, fishnets, socks, things you would need for dance wear like leotards and gloves, and the list goes on!

It’s finally decided on getting colder here in Oregon and that means purchasing leggings and tights that will keep my own and my daughters legs warm during the wet cold fall and winter season. I remember wearing skirts and dresses the first year I relocated to Oregon and boy that was a mistake, I was near to freezing to death when I went out!

We Love Color graciously sent a pair of Turquoise nylon/lycra microfiber solid color tights for myself and pair of nylon socks for my daughter to review in baby blue.

When trying on my tights, I noticed that these were thicker than most I have worn before and were exceptionally soft, silky, and comfortable! I’ve only washed these once but noticed no bleeding whatsoever on my other clothes.  Each pair cost 12.50 each which is a still if you ask me for the variety and quality that you are getting!

The pair of solid color nylon kids socks my daughter was sent were a little big on her which surprised me since she is already wearing a size six shoes. The age for the size she was sent is 18 months to 2 years old so in due time, she’ll be close to growing into them.  The childrens nylon socks range in at $3.00 for a pair, so a little steep for my own pocket book but if you are looking for a specific color, these are the way to go! They seem extremely durable too, and they fit nicely under dress shoes!

Overall thoughts… If I am searching for more than the common colors found in stores for tights and leggings, We Love Colors will most assuredly be my first stop, as they offer over 51 solid colors as well 13 unique splash colors of tights!

I wanted to mention with Halloween and all coming up, that if you are looking for a certain color pair of tights to add to a costume, your best bet is checking out this site!

Buy it: Check them out for yourselves at We Love Colors. Use promo code welovechictopia at checkout to receive free shipping on your order as a free gift!