Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Diamond Edition Combo Pack Review

I’m excited to announce that for the first time in 7 years, Disney is opening the vault and releasing ‘The One That Started It All’, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This movie is being released in high-definition Blu-ray for the first time ever on October 6!

I was  thrilled when One2One Network chose me to review an advanced copy of this movie in order to spread the word! Snow White is one of the first disney movies I recall watching as a little girl and I was so excited in knowing that I would soon  be  able to share it with my daughter Melody as her very first Disney movie!

My daughter and I watched this movie together last week and it was a total blast from the past for me. My daughter Melody was captivated by the movie and happily danced and even tried to sing one the songs. It was just to cute! I really enjoyed watching her take it all in. She did get scared when the wicked Queen was shown in the movie and ran to sit in my lap.  I know she’ll continue to enjoy this movies for many-many years to come.

Did you know that this timeless classic tale written by the Brothers Grimm, is the first full-length animated film ever made (1937) and one of the most beloved and most watched films in history?

SW_7Dwarfs_BedSo, What is the Limited Diamond Edition of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Diamond Edition includes a Blu-ray disc and a DVD in one package! You can enjoy the incredible high definition experience of Blu-ray at home, and use the DVD in the kids’ room, in the car, or on your computer. Disney Blu-ray Combo Packs are the perfect way to start your Blu-ray collection!

What is Disney Blu-Ray?
The revolutionary new Diamond Edition provides the highest-level viewing experience, immersive interactivity, unprecedented value, quality, and versatility with the exceptional picture and sound of Blu-ray and the extended utility of DVD.  Upgrading to
Check out all that Disney Blu-ray offers to enhance your family’s entertainment. I recommend viewing the Snow White Diamond Edition movie trailer and visit Disney Timeless Memories – Blu Ray High Definition DVD’s and movie TV spot.

My husband and I are a fans of Blu-ray because the picture is clearer, the sound is better and more elements can be added to it.  The discs can also take a lot more damage i.e awesome scratch resistance to name just a few things.

The Extras:

  • First time ever in High Definition 7.1 sound
  • All new music video!
  • Disneyview – Expanded viewing experience
  • Disney Family Plan – games for everyone to enjoy
  • Backstage Disney – go behind the scenes of this legendary tale
  • Classic Bonus features include Dopey’s Wild Mine Ride Game, Karoke Sing A Long, and so much more

Prince_CharmingFinal Thoughts:

This is a must-have addition to any family’s movie library and it’s only available for a limited time!  Be prepared with the latest version and technology, pre-order your copy now.
Still want to learn more? You can visit the Snow White Diamond Edition website.

Buy it: If you who already own Snow White on VHS or DVD, click here to grab a $10 off coupon for the new Diamond Edition Combo Pack!

I received an advance copy of this for review from the One2One Network as part of a campaign to spread the word.