Magic Cabin-Apple House Play Set Review


100_2310 I enjoy a very simple life. I don’t need a lot of things. It’s the same for my daughter, simple things make her happy.  Does she need battery operated toys that buzz and make flashy lights? She has a few but those don’t seem to keep her interested for very long.

I love seeing children using their imaginations. I remember some of my own favorite toys were those I could make fun stories out and build little villages.  Things like books, blocks, dress up clothes, and arts and crafts kits entertained me for hours.

I appreciate companies like Magic Cabin that have been guided by the simple notion that children’s lives are enriched by ample time for open-ended, creative, imaginative play.

I enjoyed browsing through Magic Cabin’s online store. The navigation made it very easy to find whatever I may have been looking for and I really appreciated that. I found their products range for children ages birth to twelve years old and that they offer toys for home, arts and craft, doll play, and toys and games categories.  I was surprised at the great deals I found in their outlet! The ten dollars or less section is definitely worth checking out. cabin2

Thanks to the generosity of Magic Cabin I am able to share a wonderful imaginative play toy called the Apple House Play Set with my sixteen month old daughter.

My daughter was hopping up and down as soon as she saw mommy got a new box in the mail to open. As we opened the box up and pulled the Apple House Play Set she took it from me and ran to the other room to play with it, only to bring it back so mommy could open it.

The play set comes in a very handy zip up carry bag that has a cute little handle on top to carry it around in. This zip bag also has individual pockets on the inside for each of the six little plush animals that are included.  I think the carry bag is a great idea for storage and to take along with us on trips to visit friends and family that may not have toys to play with.

The Apple House is a two story tree house that comes with six fun animal friends. The windows and doors make for fun play as my daughter loved to have the little animals poke their heads through or climb inside them. Inside the house you’ll find a fold out embroidered mat with a forest scene to place the animals on for play.

My daughter loves this toy and she really likes when mommy sits down and plays with it with her. I’ve been teaching her the animals names and telling fun stories as well.  This toy is even perfect for young babies because it’s soft and their are no choking hazards that I can see.

I highly recommend you checking out Magic Cabin for yourself. I imagine that the toys that are purchased there will last for a long time and would be wonderful keepsake toys to pass along  for generations to come.