Holiday Gift Guide:PUR Flavor Options Water Pitcher Review & Giveaway (closed)

PUR Flavor Options was named the “Household Product of the Year” by Product of the Year USA in January 2009!

The recommend amount of water that an average  person should drink a day is about 8 eight ounce cups to stay healthy and properly hydrated. Sadly,  I think the only time I stuck to that rule was when I was pregnant with my daughter. I am pretty sure I am always shy by at least 3 glasses each day now! I know if I cut either one of my cups or coffee or tea out, I can maintain a bit of a healthier lifestyle!

Speaking of water,  just this past week I’ve been enjoying my new PUR Flavor Options Water Pitcher. I think having a system like this is wonderful and a must have for any household! Did you know that switching from bottled water to filtered whether using a pitcher or one that hooks to your faucet and using a reusable water bottle can eliminate up to 3,200 plastic bottles and save one person up to $600 annually?

I know we used to buy bottled water before we knew about the bad that it was doing on the environment. Now we strictly use reusuable stainless steel bottles for the whole family when going on long or even short trips.


The  features of the PUR Flavor Options Water Pitcher that I really like is the shape and the filter timer! The slender design makes it easy to store in the door of my fridge without too much hustle and bustle! We shop and Costco so we have a lot of big items in our fridge! I joke and tell my husband I have to play Tetris in the fridge and freezer each time we return home with groceries.

The filter timer is so smart! There’s is a little circle on top of the jug lid that is a light that changes from green to red. Red indicates that two months have been up and it’s time to change your water filter!

I am not one to drink flavored water though I will admit the flavor cartridges that you can add to the top of the PUR Flavor Options Water Pitcher lid taste pretty good! The flavors are as follows;  grape, lemon, strawberry, raspberry, and peach. They are also sugar and calorie free.


We tried the grape and raspberry flavor cartridges and are a fan of both. One thing I like is that you don’t always have to have a flavor in your water if you don’t want too. There is a nifty button on the lid that you can press while pouring your water to add or not to add the desired amount of flavoring. You can also switch out the cartridges easily if you want a different flavor as I prefer the raspberry to the grape and I am sure personal preference will apply to everyone.

Overall you can’t go wrong with the PUR Flavor Options Water Pitcher! You’ll save money, help the environment, live healthier,  and help others.

Personally just having the PUR Flavor Options Water Pitcher in the fridge has encouraged my husband and I to drink more water on a daily basis!

Buy it: I think this would make a great gift for anyone! Definitely something to think about since the Holidays are soon approaching! The pitcher costs $29.99. PUR Flavor Options also there is also a  faucet mount available for $49.99. The flavor cartridges cost for $9.99 for a 2 pack that contains up to 75 glasses of flavor per cartridge.

To Enter: Visit PUR and let me know what flavor you would be most interested in trying out. ( Please leave your e-mail in your first entry to be eligible to win)


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