Holiday Gift Guide Sneak Peak!

I know you’ve seen various post already on my blog about the Holiday gift Guide and now I want to give you an exciting sneak peak into what reviews and giveaways you’ll be seeing through this season!

Remember Janet at  Loving Heart Designs, Kristinia at Loving Heart Mommy, as well as guest writers Danielle and Crystal have fantastic giveaways going on to win too!

Here’s some of the  giveaways that what will be coming soon and those that are already happening here at Connected2Christ!

  1. Pink Together Gift Set
  2. PUR Flavor System
  3. Certain Dri
  4. Zoom Album Photo Kit
  5. Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil
  6. Board Book Album
  7. Stay with Me Socks
  8. Eebee’s Adventures DVD Pack!
  9. Chicken Soup for the Soul * What I Learned from the Dog
  10. ScareMeNots
  11. Deliciaé Gourmet (10/31)
  12. Gooseberry Patch: Christmas with Family & Friends Cookbook $25 GC Giveaway (11/04)
  13. Freckle Box (11/05)
  14. Ec0 Time Toys (11/06)
  15. Kidorable (11/07)
  16. Oh Plah! (11/08)
  17. Curious Chef (11/09)
  18. Ready Go Baby (11/10)
  19. Custom Knits For Baby (11/12)
  20. SoftLips (11/13)
  21. Milkshake (11/14)
  22. Dr. Blooms Teething Jewels (11/16)
  23. Tropical Traditions: Lavender/Peppermint Skin Care Gift Bag (11/17)
  24. Olive Kids (11/18)
  25. Silvia Flemmings Christmas Cd (11/19)

Not listed but coming soon giveaways and reviews on Girl Gotch, Happy Green Bee, Oompa Toys, Mrs. Smith Diapers Bags, Various Wii game titles, Soda Stream, KOR, Scholastics, Dreamlets, Tiny Tongs, Under The Nile, Magic Cabin, Photo Keychains, Kuki Kids, Smart Knit Kids, Cover Your Hair, and more….