Holiday Gift Guide: Joy Berry Books Review


SER_OVR_FEW_1(1)Raising kids is hard, I have a 17 month old and I already know this first hand. Though this age can be very challenging in teaching my daughter certain issues, other life skills can already be will instilled into her by watching mommy and daddy’s actions. I try not think too hard about the future and enjoy the now. Though, I am always looking for great resources (especially books) in helping to raise a well mannered and responsible child.

I was asked by Debbie Bookstaber from Joy Berry Books if I was interested in reviewing and checking out their books for myself and I am very glad that I did!

About Joy Berry…

Joy Berry, pioneering educator, trusted child-development and parenting specialist, is the bestselling author of Joy Berry Classics for children with more than 250 titles and 85 million copies of her books sold. Joy Berry’s lifelong mission is to help kids help themselves by providing the information and motivation children need to lead responsible lives. Simply put, Joy Berry knows and understands children. Read more about Joy Berry

My Thoughts…

I was sent a book or two from each of the six series offered at Joy Berry ranging for children ages 1-12. The series are as follows;SER_OVR_TMA_1(1)

  • Teach Me About, for Ages 1-3
    (basic concepts of responsibility through simple and fun books, read-alongs and songs)
  • Let’s Talk About, for Ages 4-5
    (Learning to handle and manage emotions)
  • Help Me Be Good, for Ages 5-7
    (promotes good and responsible behavior).
  • A Fun and Easy Way, for Ages 7-10
    (tools and methods that help kids handle the responsibilities that come with school, friends and family life at this age)
  • Winning Skills, for Ages 11-12
    (focuses on responsible behaviors that lead to success.)
  • Good Answers to Tough Questions, for Ages 6-12
    (an open and honest approach to  difficult circumstances and ways to turn negative experiences into positive ones.)


The two books I sent from the “Teach Me About Series” are “Teach Me About Bedtime Board Book” and“Teach Me About Mealtime Board Book”. I like the fact that each of these books comes with a companion CD which includes songs and a read-along of the story read by Joy herself!

I’ve been reading the Bedtime Board Book before bedtime each day and my daughter and she seems to really enjoy it. She points to the pictures of the little girl in the story brushing her teeth, and when she sees the little girl in her bed my daughter lays down on her pillow. It’s too cute. I am hoping that with the determination of myself and the encouragement of this story, that  my daughter will adjust to a bedtime routine as  for the last month or so, bedtime has been anything but scheduled making it hard to peacefully sleep and rest in the evenings.

I’ll be starting potty-training soon and am looking into Joy Berry’s book on potty training called, Do-It-Yourself Potty Training Kit For Big Girls. This fantastic resource includes; Potty Book, CD, Instructions, Helpful Hints, Progress Chart, Progress Stickers, Diploma, & Push ‘N’ Play Sound Button that sounds of words of encouragement when your little one does her duty! ( note that this kit is also available for boys too!).

SER_OVR_GATQ_1(1)I give these books a mom rating of 5 stars!

Joy Berry books would be great additions to any families home, school, library, and even church! I can’t help to think that these would be great gifts to give during the Holiday season as well!

You can purchase Joy Berry’s Books directly from the website or online at Amazon Joy Berry Books: Great For Children.

Disclaimer: I was givenseveral books for review from Joy Berry’s Books . This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.