Holiday Gift Guide: Fairy-Gram Review


fairgramAs a child, I was always fascinated with fantasy and the secretly intriguing lives of our magical winged little friends. Fairy’s seemed to have it all, as they flew through the forest and went on their ways spreading good cheer and gracing those whom they met with sheer mystery and wonder. What little girl wouldn’t want to be a fairy? Or at least get to dress up like one when playing pretend.

Thanks to, my little girl all adorably dressed in a Hot Pink fairy outfit looks like she is about to leave home and have adventures right along side Peter Pan in Never Ever Land.

The beautiful fairy costumes from Fairy Grams come in various shades of colors from everything from white to  rainbow.  Each costumes comes carefully gift wrapped and delivered straight to your home.

A Fairy Gram set includes a fairy tutu in which has free flowing flowers, a set of fairy wings, fairy ribbon wand, an adjustable fairy halo with tail, and two matching butterfly hair clips.  No worries about sizing, Fairy Grams are pretty much a one size fits all approximately fitting girls ages one to eight years old.

My daughter loves being a fairy! She gets really happy when I dress her up and she runs around the house shaking her little wand on everything giggling! I can’t wait till it gets warm again so I can dress her up and let her run through the woods! Can you imagine the photos? Definitely ones to be treasured forever!

I still can’t get over the price of just $35.95 for it all. These outfits are top of the line quality and will last throughout lots of play. If you know a little girl that loves dressing up and adores fairies, why not surprise  her with a special Fairy-Gram this Holiday season?

I recommend purchasing a leotard and tights if you’d like to complete the look. Though it’s acceptable for your little Fairy to wear whatever she would like whether it would be a Rock Star Tee with psychedelic leggings or Princess shirt with jeans !  We are all for originality and personal style here at Connected2Christ!

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Disclaimer: I was sent a Fairy Gram in Hot Pink for review purposes . This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.