Halloween 2007
Pumpkin Design by yours truly, carved by my husband! Arrrgh Matey!

Halloween 2007
This was Melody’s first photo!

Halloween 2008

Halloween 2009

1-Up Mushroom


I hope everyone has enjoyed the photos I’ve put together in today’s post.

We had a fantastic Halloween. Early this morning, we visited our towns local businesses as they were having trick-or-treating from 10am-2pm! I think doing something like this is a fantastic idea for children of all ages. You can stock up more candy early plus you don’t have to take younger children that could get frighted of scary decorations and costumes out during the evening.


Our town also put a Harvest get together at the park which was quite enjoyable. We got to meet two Pygora goats named Philbert and Minnie. Melody was really excited about petting them! There was also Pumpkin decorating, Storytelling by library staff, Garden growing tips, and aFall recipe swap. I know next year we’ll have even more fun at this event because my daughter will be a little older and able to help decorate the pumpkins as well as sit and listen during story time.


My husband and I sipped warm cider as we let our daughter run around freely and have fun on the swings, despite it being a bit wet out.

We did happen to go out trick-or treating this evening  and had a lot of fun. People were quite  generous 🙂 I can’t wait till next year when I know I’m really going to have to keep up my with daughter!


Melody had two actual costumes for Halloween… a puppy costumes and a strawberry one. She was wearing her rain attire over the puppy outfit during the day as it was raining on and off and we wanted to keep her dry.

Can you believe this is the last day of October? I am so ready to break out the Christmas decorations and put the tree up in the living room 🙂