Frubi Sunshades Review

FRUBIIt doesn’t’ seem  logical to own a pair of sunglasses in Oregon but in my time of living here for almost three years, I’ve learned it nearly doesn’t rain at all during the Summer season. So, if only for a season, sunglasses are very important to have for every member of the family, even my baby girl.

I’ve learned a lot about the damage the sun can have on your eyes when searching for sunshades for my daughter. For instance, did you know that most sun damage to your eyes occurs before you are twenty?
frubi 2

I’d like to tell you about Ophthalmologist designed and tested, FRUBI Shades that were created to protect children from maximum damage of the sun.

The glasses are basically soft foamed frames that come in a variety of fun colors and patterns. The lenses are constructed of shatter-proof polycarbonate and the straps of these glasses are fully adjustable for children ages 6 months to 6 years of age.

As a mother of a very active 16 month old, I know first hand that hair clips, hats, and sunshades weren’t going to stay on my baby girl. Throughout the summer, she has gotten better at wearing hats and she adores sunglasses…hair clips and bows are another thing.  I’m glad she was such a good sport in wearing these shades and letting me get a photo of her in them. Below our my thoughts on Frubi Shades. 100_2104


*Protects baby’s delicate eyes from sun damage
* They Float, so no losing them in the ocean of pool!
* The foam is nice and soft so there is no pinching your child in anyway.
* Polycarbonate lenses are impact-resistant.
* They can fit children 6 month to 6 years old
* The are more affordable than other competing brands.
* They come in a fun variety of colors and patterns.
* They with stood the pulling and tugging of a 16 month old!


* These glasses kept slipping off my daughter’s head. Though keep in mind, she is quite petite.
* The foam the glasses are made of  is not good for teething babies. My daughter has left several teeth imprints in her sun shades.

These shades retail for $9.99 a pair and if you are interested in purchasing a few pairs, you should know that FRUBI Shades has a buy two pair and get one free going on! Use the coupon freepair09 at check out.

Disclosure/Disclaimer: Although through Viral Communications, Frubi sent me  sample sunshades for review and testing purposes, it does not affect the honesty of this post. This review is my own opinion and in my own words.