Earth Baby Organics Review



Earth Baby Organics is a company that offers a new generation of baby care products to cleanse, protect and nourish baby’s delicate hair and sensitive skin.  This company was created when Alyssa was born, Gran-daughter of renowned researcher and chemist, Florence Nacino. Florence was committed to use only the best ingredients which include certified organic and natural fruit and vegetable based ingredients to provide the safest, purest and most effective baby care products.

Our Thoughts…

My daughter and I were sent the Organic Mommy n’ Me Refreshing Mist as well as the Organic Playful Sudzz Baby Bath Gel to review.

I respect Earth Baby Organics as they believe in giving back. A portion of their profits go to charities to support orphaned children and medical missions that provide free surgery to needy children.Timbo

I want to mention the packaging, I wasn’t sure what animal was on it, my first thoughts were Bush Baby. I read the packaging to find that the little fellow that can be found on all their products is a Tarsier monkey, which is the smallest monkey in the world!  Earth Baby Organics supports the  Tarsier Foundation to protect this endangered species.

I tried out the Organic Playful Sudzz Baby Bath Gel on my daughter right away. The smell of this product is very light. My husband said it reminded him of coconut or something of the sort.  I thought it smelled more like vanilla. I wasn’t far off as the main active ingredients are a deliciously fragrant blend of chamomile, vanilla, and kiwi to make hair as aromatic as it is silky smooth to the touch.

The Organic Playful Sudzz Baby Bath Gel is fragrant, fun, and foamy just like the description says.  It can be used as a body wash as well as shampoo for your sweet little angels.  I really liked the scent of it, and the fact that I didn’t’ have to use a whole lot to get a good lather worked up!

Organic Mommy n’ Me Refreshing Mist is an alcohol free spritzer spray to use on your child after bath time and even after diaper changes! The smell is really yummy with it’s mix of vanilla, chamomile and cucumber! I love this product and my daughter is pretty excited about it too. She can now be spritzed like mommy but with products that in no way will bother her sensitive skin!

My final thoughts is that Earth Baby Organics is company that is definitely looking out for our world, environment and our children.

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