Cloud B Dozy Dolphin on the Go Review


100_2055Cloud B is a company that was created by two new moms whom were concerned about healthy sleeping habits in children.  Thus Cloud B was born through creating unique products that help babies and children (not to mention parents) have a goods night rest.

It was neat to learn that each of the products are developed and then brought before an advisory board of pediatricians and sleep specialists with a single focus: to achieve a better, safer sleep for your baby.

When my daughter was six months old, I purchased the Twilight Turtle. She had been having trouble sleeping in her crib because her room was just to dark for comfort, once this turtle entered our lives the crying and the fear of the night was no longer an issue. She would lay in bed and stare at the stars that lit up the ceiling and suddenly things weren’t so scary anymore. I would highly recommend the Twilight Turtle for children of all ages because not only does this turtle serve as a nightlight but it’s also an educational tool in the ability of  teaching children their constellations, how neat is that?

Just last week Dozy The Dolphin (another great product from Cloud B) entered our household. My daughter took to Dozy right away.  I like Dozy for a number of reasons:

* Dozy is made from a soft hypo allergenic Bamboo fabric
* There a two sleep timer options (23-45 minutes)
* Dozy plays four peaceful, water-based sounds: Dolphins Playing, Whale Songs, Tranquil Melody, and Ocean Waves
*Velcro strap allowing easy attachment to car seats and strollers
* The Volume Control is wonderful!
* The sound box is removable
* A Booklet that teaches children about endangered dolphins
* There’s a story added about Dozy Dolphin and adoption certificate for your child
* 2 AA batteries are included, these last a while because I still haven’t had to change the ones in my Twilight Turtle.

DDOTG_MusicNoteI’ve been a fan of dolphins for a long time, in fact I used to own a giant dolphin pillow but it wasn’t as nearly as soft as Dozy!  I am so happy Cloud B is using bamboo now in a lot of their latest products! Do you know the benefits of using bamboo?

* Naturally hypoallergenic; won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin
* Grows without the need for fertilizers or pesticides
* The most renewable resource on the planet and 100% biodegradable
* Antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-static and softer than cotton

I was only letting my daughter play with Dozy at bedtime but once I discovered that the sound box is removable she now carries Dozy about the house and happily plays with him as her new lovey!  I have yet to take Dozy out with us on a long  car trip to help my baby girl sleep but defiantly will when we go to coast later this fall!

I highly recommend Cloud B‘s products and have yet to be disappointed. I know when I have my next child I’m going to be purchasing a few of their Bamboo Sleep Bags!

If you’d like to purchase Dozy the Dolphin you can find him on the Cloud B site as well as other online and local retail stores.