Charter Cable Offers On Demand!

My family and I have been going without cable for sometime, mostly for the reason that with hundreds of channels, nothing was on. I’ve often had discussion with people I know about having cable that is on demand but just have not made that jump yet.  Now with my daughter getting older and needing to be a wee bit more occupied while I am working from home, it’s nice to know there are companies like Charter Cable whom offer this excellent feature!

For those people who already have Charter Cable, they can now receive the benefits of On Demand. I think it’s excellent as it is free to access for their customers with no additional fees! If this isn’t reason enough to sign up with Charter Cable, I don’t know what is.

Charter On Demand offers over 6,000 movies and shows to watch anytime you want, no waiting or missing your favorite show. This is awesome for all members of the family, especially when never knowing what mood your children might be in or if something unexpected that you must handle comes up!  So if you Missed Lost, NCIS, or The Office – Charter has your back!

Charter On Demand even offers hundreds of HD shows! HD is an awesome feature but sometimes, I don’t think I need to get that up in personal when watching Dirty Jobs! But, it’s nice to know my daughter can watch Barney or Dora anytime she would like and HD is just an added factor that I appreciate!

If you are not a Charter cable customer, you can learn more at You can also get updates and fun extras on Charter’s Facebook page.