Book Review:Guardian of the Flame by T.L. Higley

447323: Guardian of the Flame, Seven Wonders Series #3 Guardian of the Flame, Seven Wonders Series #3

By T.L. Higley / B & H Publishing Group

The year is 48 BC. Sophia, a woman hurt by past loss, guards the famous lighthouse of Alexandria, Egypt, in order to hide herself away from a world she deems cruel and unloving. But there is no escape. Political turmoil swells as Roman general Julius Caesar and his legion storm the city, and Cleopatra, Greek queen of Egypt , fights to retain her country against both Caesar and bloodthirsty rivals within her own household. Sophia is caught in the middle between a loyalty to Cleopatra and her maddening interest in Bellus, the Roman soldier whom Caesar has instructed to overtake the lighthouse.

My Thoughts…

I did a little research on the author of this book and found out that she has traveled to the sites of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the world to create these fictional stories! What dedication and what better inspiration that setting foot inĀ  the areas in which her stories are inspired.

Throughout the pages of this story, I found myself themselves swept up into another time and era. I felt that the author captured every essence of Ancient Egypt in vivid detail so well that you’ll feel like you are there!

The characters of this story include Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, though mainly we are drawn to the story of Sophia whom is guardian of a famous lighthouse in Alexandria and Bellus a Roman centurion. This book draws us to witness broken down walls in life as well experiences of God’s Grace.

The story will compel you. Though this books is christian historical romance book, there is plenty of adventureĀ  and mystery that will leave you turning page after page to know what will happen next! I can’t stand romances that are over the top and so mushy that it honestly could never happen in real life.

This story is the third installment in the Seven Wonder series by author T.L. Higley and it stands well alone. After reading this fine work of Historical fiction, I eagerly want to read the rest of this authors books. 5 Stars!