Arnold Bread Sandwich Thins Review


My family and I recently were given the opportunity to try out Arnold Bread’s new line of Sandwich Thins and we were not disappointed in the least bit!1250955377-31659_full

Arnold’s new Sandwich Thins are great for those whom are looking to eat healthy and watch those calories! I was pretty amazed when I found out that one sandwich thin only has 100 calories! Other great benefits include that these are made from whole grains and contain absolutely no high fructose corn syrup which studies say isn’t very good for you and they are cholesterol free.

100_2362How do they taste? The texture and the taste are pretty close to home baked bread. You can purchase them in a variety of flavors from multi-grain and several other whole wheat varieties.

We’ve been having everything from cold cut sandwiches to tasty grilled burgers on the thins and love how they hold up not falling apart like regular bread would! My family loves them!

Arnold Sandwich Thins are sold in packs of either 8 or 16 thins and retail for around $2.99 for a pack of eight. I hope they start carrying them in my area soon!